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So much to do, so much to see and so much to discover in the country of 10.000 lakes. We will gladly help you make the most out of your stay. 


Want to start the day on a good note? Have lunch or dinner?

Keep reading for more information.


Enjoy an open fire, BBQ or a “skottelbraai” in nature just like the Swedes.


A small group, big group, or just together. Everything is possible.


Fishing in the most beautiful lakes, completely undisturbed, is one of the biggest hobbies in Sweden.

Internet & Television

We have free internet on the whole terrain. Who in this day and age can go without internet?


Easy to explore the surrounding area by bike.


Sunne is a wonderful place in Värmland, the place for both young and old.


Sweden gets covered with snow in winter which makes skiing and cross-country skiing possible.


The most beautiful hiking trails are located a walking distance away. Experience it for yourself and enjoy the nature.


Do you want another way of enjoying being in Sweden? The spa is located next door.

Other activities

There are lots of activities, nearby but also further away. There is something to do for everyone.

Breakfast, Lunch & Diner

In a separate building called Nybo Kök, we serve our extensive breakfast buffet from 08.00 until 09.30. Other times are always possible on request.

Besides coffee, tea, milk and orange juice you can choose from a variety of breads, crackers, toppings, muesli, yoghurt, cooked eggs and more.

In case of special requests, allergies or diets, please let us know in advance so we can take that into account.

Enjoy your day.

You don’t always want to go out to find a restaurant after a long trip. In that case we can make a simple meal for you. The meals vary according to the seasons. 

You can request this along with your booking, when you check in or at breakfast.

If you have any allergies, are dieting or are a vegetarian please inform us when you make a request for a meal.

Other special wishes can be discussed, this however may influence the price. 


Sunne Hembygdsgård Bed & Breakfast can host up to 50 guests at a time. Ideal for a family outing, team building, sports club or other clubs, a company, church society, friends and all other groups that visit Sweden. You can stay for only one, but of course also for multiple nights. For a week, a midweek, weekend or a long weekend. For every possibility is a solution. 

Contact us for your solution. 


There is a BBQ or a griddle to use over a campfire on request. Utilities like plates, cutlery and glasses are available. We can provide drinks, but they will be charged separately, and you will have to acquire the food yourself. We assume that you leave everything in order when you are done.

In periods of extreme drought, you will not be allowed to make a campfire, so keep track of the weather forecast. 


One of the national hobbies of Sweden is fishing.

You can fish at basically every lake, just make sure to check at your local tourist office if you need a permit for the lake you want to fish at. Sometimes you do not have to, but often you do. A permit is cheap and for sale at the tourist office. 


Sunne Hembygdsgård Bed & Breakfast has a couple of bicycles available for rental. They can be rented for half or whole days and are ideal to calmly look at the beautiful surroundings or just to have fun. If you are planning to be gone for a while and would like a lunch box quickly look under on the way.

Internet and television

Thanks to an extensive grid of WiFi hotspots you can enjoy a good connection on the whole terrain. Internet is free for all visitors. 

In the breakfast hall, which also functions as the common room, is a TV. Besides that, you can play a game, read or just talk. For example, with the beautiful environment as topic.

Make new friends and go out and explore together.


Värmland is a popular vacation spot. For adults as well as kids. Nature is of course the biggest playground in Värmland, but Sunne and it’s surroundings also have a variety of other activities to offer. You can find activities such as hiking, skiing, swimming, wellness, fishing, cycling, golfing and lots more outdoor activities are available in a and around Sunne. 


Approximately 8 kilometers from Sunne Hembygdsgård B&B is Sunne Skiresort located. They have a ski lift to climb the mountain so you can have fun going down with skis or a snowboard. For more information please check Our B&B is of course also open in the winter.


Around Sunne Hembygdsgård B&B is a hiking route of about 3 kilometers. Fun for both adults and smaller children as it is not that long and runs right through the forest.

There is also the hiking trail called Sundsbergsleden. This one is about 6 kilometers and starts close to Selma Spa. It has a lot of beautiful outlooks and runs through historical forests and along a dam. Along the way you will encounter an abundance of flora and fauna, for example you can spot seven different species of woodpeckers.

Another must do along the E45 is Tossebergsklättern. This one is a bit of a climb, but the view is breathtaking. 

There are also lots of cross country routes in winter.


Just across the road from Sunne Sommarland is Selma Spa Resort. A big spa and wellness center with lots of possibilities. Check for more information.

Other activities

In Sunne and the surrounding areas are lots of different activities to find. Besides the mentioned activities

you can experience horse riding, building rafts, canoeing, a moose park, petting zoo or just do nothing and relax completely. Everything is possible and allowed with Sunne Hembygdsgård B&B as a central base. 

Ask for all the possibilities at our reception or at the local tourist office.